Avarcas.com, your new menorquinas online store.

The new Avarcas.com is ready to be presented to all!

When an illusion is so great, the desire and commitment that risks to get what you propose are tiny compared with the satisfaction of seeing your dreams come true facts. Illusion, effort, sacrifice and hours of dedication, this is how born this new online store Menorcan avarcas, a new ecommerce shoe that we present in this post.
Avarcas.com was born with the idea of offering users a comfortable, cool shoes and both were always in fashion. Since our roots are in the Mediterranean, there was a shoe that did best reference to this whole concept that menorquinas avarcas, those sandals that combine with everything and that will always be in fashion for many years go by.
Created exclusively in Menorca Island where originate these sandals, avarcas of Avarcas.com have been designed and woven individually by great craftsmen of footwear. It is for this reason that this product becomes unique and exclusive footwear and each carries with it a piece of our essence.
After several months of work and preparation, it is time that I present our online store and what better time than with the entry of good weather. Buy in Avarcas.com is very simple, you just have to choose those avarcas that you like and stick with your process. In addition, we want everyone can enjoy this product and that's why we put it within reach of everyone so you can buy wherever you are, always meeting the conditions for each country.
Avarcas womens, men and even children, of various models and colors. Because everyone is entitled to be comfortable and last, we have created a line for each of you.
Our main goal is to be able to reach our customers a part of this piece of land between the sea and how better to do with fashion, where each decide when and how to combine it.
You know and what avarcas combine better with you? We invite you to meet all our models, you browse through our website and you drenches the essence that only Menorca can offer us your menorquinas avarcas.

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