Avarcas, a long history

Abarcas, avarcas, Menorcan sandals, espadrilles ... There are many ways to call this footwear that we like so much to all is that such is the story that keep these espadrilles that over the years have been named in several ways.

Although you can find various types of avarcas undoubtedly the Menorcan avarcas are best known to all. Comfortable shoes and that as much as the years go never go out of fashion.

But do you know the history of Minorcan avarcas? Do you know what the origin of this footwear?

The story goes that the first who brought these shoes were the slingers who lived in the Balearic Islands. These were in the service of the Carthaginian Hannibal, when he fought against the Romans.

Years later, these were used by the peasants who worked the land which used them since they said it was a very strong footwear yet flexible. The peasants believed that this shoe your feet protected them because of the material that was done.

Although initially the avarcas were completely made of leather, it was in the early twentieth century when it began to replace the sole material for tire rubber. This material would allow avarcas last longer and also the foot was more protected from moisture and stones of the earth, besides being definitely a non-slip material and more flexible.

Over the years they have formed avarcas increasingly part of Menorcan fashion and was from the 60s when this shoe known to all as footwear farmworker became an essential piece. First came the Menorcan those who took them but gradually tourists traveling to Menorca were also made with this shoe so comfortable and the real time.

Today, although many farmers are still carrying the avarcas to work the land, these have become a key element not only for fashion but Menorcan Mediterranean in general. In addition, Avarcas.com know that more and more countries interested in this shoe and that is why from our website can easily buy their menorquinas the avarcas and take us wherever they are, quickly and safely.

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