About Us


Whenever you buy Avarcas menorquinas you contribute to transmission of illusion and the effort of craftsmen generations via the fashion.

We invite you to feel Menorca with all of its mystical hideouts and beaches, to live the Island with your Avarcas menorquinas from any corner of the Earth. The most up­to­date fashion to enjoy the Mediterranean summer of long sunny days and magical nights.

Only by buying Avarcas menorquinas you assure that you get an authentic minorcan shoe and contribute to preservation of this centenary profession. The only authentic menorcan shoe of the finest quality ­ the quality we guarantee after years of effort and hard working to keep the tradition alive.

We produce on Menorca transmitting the shoemaking tradition and our local handicrafts to all the World, promising the authenticity of our products. We combine artisan techniques with the most innovative processes to guarantee the best quality of your espadrilles ('abarcas'), the traditional spanish leather sandals, following modern tendencies regarding style, fabrics, colors, etc.

How do you find it? Avarcas menorquinas allows you to customize your footwear as you like. You can combine the most classic models with modern finish, textures and colors. Besides wearing an up­to­date, modern shoe we guarantee a maximum comfort. You can combine any look, the summer one, day by day, informal, anything you want.

We love our work and we make an effort every day to keep the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, to keep progressing without leaving aside our roots. We guarantee the best quality and long life of our product.

Pick the model, or models you like the most and feel walking on the 'abarcas' Island, from any corner of the Earth!