Trends and colors for this Summer 2018

The avarcas with light tones do not stop to be fashionable this summer, so it is not a

surprise that the white color ones are considered as ideals for the outings on summer. This white footwear can be accompanied with clothes of different tones; It is not necessary to have white clothes to make the shoes do not match with the style of the person, you can use clothes in sky blue, or even iced coffee to make these shoes can look well.

Other of the light tones that it cannot stop being fashionable is the sky blue, which it's been a trend between different fashion houses who wish give freshness to their designs, and what better way to do it with a tone that reflects the clarity and serenity of the sky. The menorcan sandals in sky blue, either in turquoise or indigo, are available here in the store.

Blue color has been a trend for both shoes and other clothing to wear, like pants or shirts, so the person can create a unique and personalized style with the footwear and the clothes.

Black is a neutral color that it never goes out of style. Even when black is not a light color, on the contrary, it is an opposite, this does not stop being a trend for this summer, because a lot of the biggest designers see this color as a way to balance light tones in the clothes used by the person. What it is seek, it is to make that the footwear color can stand out the clothes of the person. So, if it is using light colors in pants and shirts, the dark tone of the footwear stands out, doing that the lower part of the outfit looks better on the person.

Pink is other of the trends nowadays. This color, which for many people can be very jazzy, it comes with a softer tone that it does not pass to the bad taste. It is possible to use a soft tone like the rose quartz in clothes, and a little darker tone in the footwear, which makes that avarcas in this pink tone can be a big way of personalized the summer style, that almost always are characterized by the white or blue colors. With this tone, it can mark a difference, without stop being fashionable at the time.

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